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And other nuclear meltdown stories ...

20-somethings looking for fun and adventure cross paths with a nuclear meltdown.

217 pages, perfect bound. $15

'A nuclear meltdown occurs in Anywhere, U.S.A., and a boy falls in love with a girl... Not a deep, dark novel, The Meltdown is a tale of very young adults whose energy, naivete and life-style make it, in spite of its sobering subject matter, a fun read.'


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The Meltdown

A novel

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Time plays tricks in the control room of Unit 2

Time is playing tricks in the control room of Three Mile Island's Unit Two.
For the men working there at 6:20 am, time seems to have gone haywire.
First the stream of time increased its speed, then it stood still and reversed. Read more >

There's a mix up somewhere here!

Cars began streaming from the nuclear plant. A long line of cars came snaking off the island. They stopped at the main gate by the guardhouse. Two technicians hurried out, sweeping Geiger counters over each car.

It made you think this wasn't such a good place to hang out. Read more >

Corporate meltdown

Met-Ed and its regulators cooperated to make TMI Unit 2 a dangerous rush job. Read more >

Meltdown: Tomorrow's Disaster on Three Mile Island

This fictional scenario piece first appeared in Harrisburg Magazine's August 1978 issue, some eight months before the actual meltdown on Three Mile Island on March 28, 1979. Read more >



A nuclear meltdown survival guide

read more >







big wave at fukushima by mr. ok cola