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'Not For Pubic Release':
A nuclear incident in Lock Haven

A documentary film by Bill Keisling

For much of the twentieth century the United States Department of Defense was a major producer of radioactive waste.

The Pentagon not only produced its own nuclear waste. For years, the DOD depended on an unknown number of private defense contractors to supply countless radioactive parts and equipment.

In the mid-twentieth century, the U.S. government actually gave some of these defense contractors permission to dump radioactive waste on their private properties.

The Pentagon seldom, if ever, disclosed the whereabouts of these dangerous nuclear dumps. The problem becomes one for the ages: many of these radioactive isotopes remain dangerous and "hot" for thousands of years, even as the radiation is invisible to unsuspecting victims.

This carelessness caught up with college students in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. One day the students woke up to find environmental officials dressed in protective "moonsuits" searching their apartment building for tell-tale signs of radioactive waste.

It would turn out that the student housing had been built on a property where a long-dead Pentagon contractor once dumped his highly radioactive DOD waste.

Bill Keisling's new documentary film, Not For Public Release: A nuclear incident in Lock Haven, digs deeply into the problem of privatized Pentagon nuclear waste, and how the government's secretive handling of this sensitive issue places unsuspecting citizens in unacceptable risk.

The DVD Not For Public Release: A nuclear incident in Lock Haven (length 1 hour and 13 minutes) is available now from for $15.



Watch the 9-minute trailer:












John Catalano Friends and Family
live at the Historic Peace Church


This DVD features nearly an hour of live music performed by John Catalano and friends at the Historic Peace Church in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

John Catalano's friends and family play at the Historic Peace Church. The ensemble includes brothers Nick and Nero Catalano (bottom).

Click links below to watch two great selections:

Watch Nick and Nero
Quicktime | Windows Media

Watch group ensemble
Quicktime | Windows Media

Watch Peace Church tour

Built in 1798, the small church features great accoustics, and provides an excellent setting for the classical, jazz and flamenco pieces performed by Catalano and his band.

In this show, John is joined by his sons Nick and Nero Catalano, horn player Patrick Murphy and Sophia Hoon (palmas).

Nick and Nero Catalano are accomplished musicians in their own right. Nero is a member of the Philadelphia-based indie rock band 722, while brother Nick is working on solo projects. Both brothers grew up living downstairs from their father's Camp Hill, PA, music studio. "I guess this is what happens when you raise your kids in a music store," John chuckles.

Nick's Myspace page explains, "Growing up downstairs from his father's music store afforded Nick the ability to hear many different styles of music but more importantly gave him the chance to experiment with other sounds. He began to improvise and compose not just on his guitar but also on instruments like the sitar and the drums and even his voice."

Also included in the DVD is practice footage, and a ten-minute mini-documentary tour of the Historic Peace Church.

For those who prefer to listen, we also offer an audio recording of the show, in CD format.

You'll want to watch this beautiful DVD again and again! They also make great gifts.


Live at Peace Church DVD - $15

Live at Peace Church Audio CD - $10