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Caribou Chaser
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Caribou Chaser
A novel by William Keisling

The time, the not-too-distant future.
The place, the melting northern Alaskan shore.

A group of men work through the long dark winter to return a former government radar site to a village of Eskimos.

The leader of the base, a quiet man named Cooper, is sure that he has crawled off the edge of the world to wither and die.

But it's a place where nothing is quite what it seems.

With the sudden awakening of Arctic spring, and the coming of a herd of caribou, trailed by a mysterious and beautiful Caribou Chaser, Cooper realizes the unstoppable power of life to begin all things anew.

ISBN 978-1-882611-24-9

iPad epub special edition, 218 pages

$9.99 exclusively through the Apple iBookstore

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The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna
by William Keisling

Shortly before midnight, young Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan Luna vanishes from his desk in the federal courthouse in downtown Baltimore.

Without explanation he mysteriously drives away from his office in the courthouse, away from his life, embarking on a wildly improbable midnight ride.

In his his office he leaves behind oddly important, personal items. His laptop. His cell phone. His eyeglasses.

And a bad plea agreement he was unable or unwilling to complete.

The next morning, shortly before dawn, Luna's body is found face down in a cold stream outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He's been stabbed thirty-six times, once for every thousand dollars missing from a courthouse safe.

His car idles beside him at the side of the murmuring creek. He's seventy miles from his office, at the far end of a midnight ride that carried him across four states.

In The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna, writer William Keisling reconstructs the last hours in the life of an American public servant. It's a shocking, true-life, murder mystery whodunit that you'll never forget.

iPad and Kindle ebooks $9.99

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The Sins of Our Fathers
by William Keisling and Richard Kearns

The day before he was to be sentenced for his role in a bribery conspiracy, Pennsylvania Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer held a news conference and shocked the world by pulling out a .357 Magnum revolver.

He alleged widespread, uninvestigated corruption in his case. Before a roomful of stunned reporters and unblinking cameras, he shot himself to death.

In The Sins of Our Fathers, two young writers set out to learn the truth behind Dwyer's conviction and fall.

They discover dark secrets about their hometown, and a century of hidden history leading to the treasurer's death.

Kindle ebook $9.95

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Not Fade Away
A novel by William Keisling

In 1959, on the Day the Music Dies, President Dwight Eisenhower signs a top-secret order meant to protect America's biggest secrets.

Decades later, at the height of the cold war, an American army general in receipt of Ike's long-forgotten order mistakenly believes he's been told to nuke the world.

All that stands in his way is a mysterious boy who believes he's Buddy Holly reincarnated.

What begins as a spoof on cold war spy thrillers soon becomes a tour de force of 20th century American pop culture.

"I wanted to write the sort of 19th century novel that sums up the age in which we live, a switched-on Dickens," explains writer Bill Keisling. "Instead of two-dimensional Dickens characters, the characters here are American archetypes inspired by pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein. I wanted a book that departs from the dull state of American realistic fiction. I wanted a book that is fun."

ISBN 978-1-882611-22-5

iPad epub special edition, 623 pages

$9.99 exclusively through the Apple iBookstore.

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The Long Lost Friend
by John George Hohman

"The long-suppressed, reviled and revered Pennsylvania-German folk-healing classic. First published by the author in 1820. With an up-to-date introduction."

ISBN 978-1-882611-21-8

Starting at $4.95 in ebook formats

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