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The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna ebook editions

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A tribute and vigil for Jonathan Luna:
'A kid from the South Bronx who always
wanted to make a difference'

You'll want to watch this fascinating mini-documentary, in which friends and concerned citizens pay tribute to Jonathan Luna on December 4, 2005, the second anniversary of his death. The program begins by following a classic C-Span format. It starts with a wreath ceremony, followed by comments of participants. As participants mingle afterwards, Jon's friends speak with news reporters about the slain federal prosecutor. Shocking, entertaining, and ground-breaking. Posted 12-7-05. 23 min 8 secs.

Posted (on Youtube) 12-4-13

To read more (external link):

WHTM-TV Midstate Mysteries: The Death of federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna

A video biography of Jonathan Luna

My cousin Jonathan Luna

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