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Caribou Chaser
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Caribou Chaser
A novel by William Keisling

The time, the not-too-distant future.
The place, the melting northern Alaskan shore.

A group of men work through the long dark winter to return a former government radar site to a village of Eskimos.

The leader of the base, a quiet man named Cooper, is sure that he has crawled off the edge of the world to wither and die.

But it's a place where nothing is quite what it seems.

With the sudden awakening of Arctic spring, and the coming of a herd of caribou, trailed by a mysterious and beautiful Caribou Chaser, Cooper realizes the unstoppable power of life to begin all things anew.

ISBN 978-1-882611-24-9

iPad epub special edition, 218 pages

$9.99 exclusively through the Apple iBookstore