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The Wrong Car by William Keisling

Wrong Car coverr

The Wrong Car print and ebook editions

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The Wrong Car
The death of Lillie Belle Allen



























News and views

Dem front-runner Tom Wolf's ties provide ammo for rivals
- Wolf was campaign chairman and a political supporter of former York Mayor Charles Robertson, who was charged as an accomplice to murder in the 1969 death of a young black woman (Lillie Belle Allen). Tribune Review 3-4-2014



Wrong Car excerpts,
downloads, and resources

Chapter 1: Waiting for the Spells brothers - read an excerpt from The Wrong Car >

Chapter 2: 'What have We Got Ourselves Into?'- read an excerpt from The Wrong Car >

Wrong Car documents - download and read the local police and other official documents mentioned in The Wrong Car >

Wrong Car FBI / Justice Department documents - download and read the official FBI and U.S. Justice Department documents mentioned in The Wrong Car >









Secrets of a very public murder

Lillie Belle Allen’s family told the FBI they witnessed
‘one or two’ Pennsylvania State troopers
mingling with the gang that shot their daughter


On the hot summer evening of July 21 1969, while riding through York, Pennsylvania, with her family, Lillie Belle Allen was shot and murdered by a gang of teenaged boys before the watching eyes of police and many neighbors.

Lillie Belle Allen The Wrong Car

Lillie Belle Allen

The police to this day lie about the murder, saying no suspects or witnesses could be found. Long-suppressed police files, published for the first time in The Wrong Car, tell quite a different story.

The Wrong Car tells the true, shocking story of Allen’s murder, compiled with the help of these previously secret police reports. The Wrong Car documents a chilling story kept hidden for years in a small, working-class community.

The Wrong Car allows you to read the statements of eye-witnesses, follow the clues, and discover what happened to Lillie Belle Allen and her family. Sometimes funny, at times sobering, the book examines the goings-on of a small American town torn open by its past.

In The Wrong Car, readers learn the full story of one of America’s most notorious "unsolved" crimes

The Wrong Car is available in paper and ebook editions.

Buy now paper edition - $15
























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