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News from A Town Gone Bad

Feds investigate top York County PA drug prosecutor

ADA allegedly revealed identities of confidential police informants to drug dealer

by Bill Keisling

Posted March 26, 2009 -- A senior York County, Pennsylvania, drug prosecutor is under federal investigation for allegedly revealing the identities of confidential police informants to a drug dealer.


Bill Graff (top); DA Stanley Rebert (middle) PA AG Tom Corbett

First assistant York County district attorney William "Bill" Graff resigned from office under a cloud on March 19, 2009, following allegations raised by local and state police.

Assistant DA Graff allegedly revealed the identities of confidential informants (CIs) to a drug dealer who was the son of one of Graff's close friends.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett, a political supporter of York County Republican District Attorney Stanley Rebert, refused to investigate or prosecute ADA Graff.

DA Rebert is running for reelection, and AG Corbett has participated in Rebert's campaign events.

With AG Corbett seen as protecting Republican allies Rebert and Graff, police then referred the allegations to investigators with the U.S. Justice Department.

DA Rebert meanwhile refuses to discuss the circumstances surrounding his top prosecutor's resignation.

On March 21, a poster identified only as Drama-King, from Livingston, NJ, presciently wrote of the ongoing investigation on the York Daily Record's internet comment page, noting that Graff's "girlfriend for the past 2 years son is the biggest drug dealer in york for the past 8 years and nobody from that family goes to jail. and he's well known. but as long as momma gives bill his pie he turns a blind eye...."

York County Pennsylvania is awash in suppressed allegations of courthouse corruption. Protected courthouse staff are alleged to participate in crimes ranging from murder, prostitution, influence peddling, extortion, case fixing, and endangerment of children.

Graff could not be reached to comment on this article.


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