Chapter excerpts from
The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna

Posted here are chapters from The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna, by William Keisling. Only several chapters have been posted here. We need your support. Please help this valuable project and buy the book!

To view and download police and court documents mentioned in these excerpts, visit the Luna downloads page.

Excerpts from Part One

Chapter 1: Ice Cold -- Posted December 21, 2006

Atomic Shock: Combo Chapters 40 to 42 -- Posted December 27, 2004

Excerpts from Part Three:

Part 3 Chapter 11: ‘Everything Secret Degenerates:
                                 The FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants’
-- Posted February 17, 2005

Part 3 Chapter 15: Bad actors: A laundry list of horrors -- Posted May 1, 2005

Part 3 Chapter 29: A profile of Jonathan Luna's killer -- Posted February 10, 2005

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