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Free downloads of documents mentioned in
The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna

Posted here are downloadable documents mentioned in The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna. To read documents in PDF format, you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Acrobat already installed, download it here.

Nacoe Brown/Luna documents

Three pages in PDF format from the September 2002 bank robbery trial of Nacoe Brown, including front and back of two jury notes and stipulation signed by attorneys in case that all evidence had been returned, "pending appeal." Download now >>

The indictment of Maryland State Police Superintendent Ed Norris

One week after Jonathan Luna's brutal murder in December 2003, Maryland State Police Superintendent Ed Norris was indicted for, among other things, using his police Executive Protective Unit (EPU) to ferry women of mysterious origins around to various locations, including a Baltimore hotel room, while Norris served as Baltimore's police commissioner.

The indictment describes what it calls "romantic encounters" between Commissioner Norris and a number of anonymous women. Helping Norris with all this was his right hand man, chief of staff John Stendrini. The indictment reads, "Norris and Stendrini routinely caused EPU members to transport Norris and female companions, including Female #1, Female #2, Female #3, Female #4, Female #5, and Female #6 in connection with romantic encounters at private residences and other locations in the Baltimore City area, including Stendrini's apartment in Baltimore City, and in New York City and elsewhere.

"Numerous EPU members and several women would have testified that Mr. Stendrini allowed Mr. Norris to use his apartment at the Redwood apartment building for romantic encounters -- refered to by Mr. Norris as 'naps' -- often during the workday, and sometimes several times per day.

According to his indictment, Police Commissioner Norris at one point worried he'd been spotted with an unidentified woman in the Baltimore Hyatt Hotel in December 2001. He'd sent Stendrini and other Baltimore police department personnel back to the hotel to look for video surveillance cameras.

"The boys in blue were really going to town, literally and figuratively," writes Bill Keisling in The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna. "It's enough to make you wonder about the future of our country." Posted May 15, 2007. Download now >>

PA Inspector General Report: Investigative Report on Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Misconduct at the Pennsylvania State Police

On the night of his deadly midnight ride, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Luna would face police corruption in Maryland and Pennsylvania -- on both ends of his ride. This 110-page report, completed shortly before Luna's death, says higher-ups at the Pennsylvania State Police "Diminish the importance of sexual harrassment and sexual misconduct." The report quotes the president of the PA State Troopers' Association as saying, "the introduction of women in policing has caused problems of sexual harrassment and sexual misconduct in policing agencies. Women working with men, riding in patrol cars together at night, essentially 'spending the night together,' has put an 'extra burden on policing.'"

The report notes that many state policemen told the PA Inspector General that long-running "incidents of... sexual misconduct are isolated actions by individuals and not evidence of a larger, ongoing problem within the State Police. This is the theory of the 'rotten apple' in an otherwise clean barrel. When the Mayor of New York City appointed a commission in 1972 to investigate police corruption (i.e. Serpico), it addressed a similar attitude. In the Knapp Commission Report, the investigators viewed the 'rotten apple' theory as an obstacle to basic reform. The Commission found that a high command unwilling to acknowledge the severity of a problem would be unable to accept the drastic changes necessary to deal with the problem." A must read. Posted September 14, 2007. Download now >>

US Inspector General Report: FBI agents routinely ignore informant rules

302-page report dated 9-15-05, in which U.S. Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine relates that FBI agents routinely ignore the bureau's own rules governing the handling confidential informants. Adobe PDF format, 2,700k. Posted October 17, 2005. Download now >>

Luna coroner investigation form

One sheet dated 12-4-03, in which Lancaster County, PA, coroner Dr. Barry Walp lists Luna's death as a homicide caused by "Fresh water drowning / Multiple Stab wounds." Posted April 4, 2005. Download now >>

State Police application to search Luna's blood-stained car

Two sheets dated 12-4-03, in which Pensylvania State police Trooper Douglas Burig describes murder scene. "Trooper Fassnacht observed what appeared to be blood smeared on the drivers' side door and left front fender of the vehicle. Trooper Fassnacht observed what appeared to be a large pool of blood on the right rear passenger floor board of the vehicle." Luna was described as "victim" of a "Criminal Homicide." Posted April 4, 2005. Download now >>

Warren Grace arrest sheets

Four sheets from May, 2002, documenting the arrest of heroin dealer Warren Grace, and his recruitment by FBI Special Agent Steve Skinner and Jonathan Luna to work as a paid FBI informant. 232k. PDF format. Posted February 21, 2005. Download now >>

U.S. Justice Department motion requesting 'home confinement' for Warren Grace to work with FBI agents

Three sheets dated June 7, 2002, requesting a federal judge remove Warren Grace from a halfway house to home confinement "and placed under electronic monitoring." "(D)efendant be allow (sic) to leave his house only to meet with FBI agents or his attorney." Written by Jonathan Luna's co-counsel, Jacabed Rodriguez-Coss. "This would ensure safety of the community," Rodriguez-Coss writes. One additional sheet dated June 7, 2002, order granting this motion, signed by U.S. District Judge Frederic Smalkin. 120k. PDF format. Posted February 21, 2005. Download now >>

Pretrial Services Notice of Apparent Violation/Warrant Request

Three sheets dated August 22, 2002, wherein Pretrial Services Home Confinement Specialist Todd Stokes notes several complaints from community members that FBI informant Warren Grace is leaving his home confinement, has guns and drugs in his possession, and is "hurting innocent people." "Another individual got on the phone and indicated since nothing is being done to defendant, he must be an informant." Memo notes Warren Grace "slipped off the ankle transmitter by saturating leg in Vaseline" to escape home confinement. 172k. PDF format. Posted February 21, 2005. Download now >>

FBI 302 report written by Special Agent Skinner dated 08/28/02

One sheet wherein FBI Special Agent Steve Skinner writes about complaints that "source (Warren Grace) was involved in a shooting the Sunday night before in the area of Wiley and Park Heights." No mention that Grace had escaped FBI home confinement. 60 k. PDF format. Posted February 21, 2005. Download now >>

Court order removing FBI informant Warren Grace from home confinement dated 09/12/02

One sheet wherein Pretrial Services, bowing to the FBI, "recommends... that Mr. Grace be removed from home confinement with electronic monitoring and Pretrial Services supervision." Signed and approved by U.S. District Judge Frederic Smalkin on September 13, 2002. 36k. PDF format. Posted February 21, 2005. Download now >>

Affidavit filed by Special Agent Skinner to search Stash House Records
     dated 5-12-03

Seven pages wherein FBI Special Agent Steve Skinner describes his errant paid informant/heroin dealer Warren Grace as "generally reliable." Skinner conceals that Grace was caught with a stash of heroin on November 16, 2002, slipped out of home confinement, dealt heroin and shot up his neighborhood. 408k. PDF format. Posted February 25, 2005. Download now >>

Trial discovery rules broken by Jonathan Luna dated 5-27-03

Two sheets wherein Jonathan Luna promises to properly disclose government information prior to the trial of Deon Smith and Walter Poindexter. Luna promises defendants "material such as witness’ plea agreements, criminals convictions and prior inconsistent statements." Luna instead fails to disclose great governemnt perks given to paid FBI informant Warren Grace. 108k. Posted February 25, 2005. Download now >>

Indictment of Deon Smith and Walter Poindexter dated 6-1-03

Five-sheet federal grand jury indictment. On page 4, the indictment reads, "On January 22, 2001, Walter Oriley Poindexter, a/k/a "Fella," shot and killed Alvin Jones, a/k/a "L," because Poindexter believed that Jones was responsible for burglarizing the stash house where the conspirators stored their heroin, money, and firearms." Jonathan Luna spent the last night of his life covering up the murder of Alvin Jones, in order to write a plea deal for Poindexter that would prevent a court-ordered investigation of paid FBI informant and heroin dealer Warren Grace. 160k. PDF format. Posted February 25, 2005. Download now >>

Everything Secret Degenerates:
The FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants

The complete report by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform, released February 3, 2003. 1812 pages, in PDF format. The download page, hosted by the U.S. Government Printing Office, will open in a new window. Posted February 18, 2005.

FBI BETA Report: Part 1
'A Summary of Dismissals Involving FBI Agents and Egregious Behavior'

It took two years for members of the U.S. Senate to learn that the FBI in 2000 conducted its own internal study on agent misconduct. The FBI then stonewalled for months to keep its report from the Senate, finally releasing it to the oversight committee several months before Jonathan Luna's death. Known as the Behavioral and Ethical Trends Analysis, or BETA, the report details a study conducted by the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences and Law Enforcement Ethics unit. The Ethics Unit has since been starved of funds by the FBI. The long-suppressed FBI internal report is described by the bureau as follows: "The BETA Project is a joint BSU and Office of Professional Responsibility(OPR) study, designed to study FBI Agents (SAs) who have been dismissed, resigned, or retired while under investigation (herein, referred to as Subject SA) due to substantiated acts of criminal and serious misconduct during the time period of 1986 through 1999." This report was described by U.S. Senator Charles Grassley as a "laundry list of horrors." Pages 1 through 30. First of six parts. 2,400k PDF format Posted May 1, 2005. Download now >>

FBI BETA Report: Summary of Observations
'A Summary of Dismissals Involving FBI Agents and Egregious Behavior'

Summary of findings from the long-surpressed FBI internal report, described by the bureau as follows: "Summary Observations: This presents (an) analysis of the available data regarding Agentsd wo were dismissed from the rolls of the FBI between1986 through 1999." Nine pages. Last of six part. 300k PDF format Posted May 1, 2005. Download now >>

The Bell Report
'Study of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility'

A comprehensive study of the FBI's internal affairs division, the Office of Professional Responsibility, conducted by a commission led by former U.S. Attorney General Griffin Bell, and released in 2004. "OPR was created in 1976 and located in the FBI’s Inspection Division. Unlike today’s OPR, this entity was responsible only for investigating allegations of criminal action or other serious misconduct by FBI employees," the report explains. The report concludes the OPR, "has lost touch with its original mission and no longer effectively serves the Director and the FBI as a whole." 67 pages. 532k PDF format Posted May 2, 2005. Download now >>

Corruption in Pennsylvania:

Chief York County Detective blows whistle on lawbreaking in Pennsylvania district attorney's office

Posted February 27, 2004 -- A corrupt, ingrained system of insider justice exists in central Pennsylvania, says a top county detective who until recently had worked in the York County, PA, District Attorney's office. To read the complete text of becky Downing's federal court complaint in PDF format, (as filed in court on February 18, 2004), click here >>

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