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Shortly before midnight, young Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan Luna vanishes from his desk in the federal courthouse in downtown Baltimore.

Without explanation he mysteriously drives away from his office in the courthouse, away from his life, embarking on a wildly improbable midnight ride.

The new book by William Keisling.
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In his office he leaves behind oddly important, personal items. His laptop. His cell phone. His eyeglasses.

And a bad plea agreement he was unable or unwilling to complete.

The next morning, shortly before dawn, Luna’s body is found face down in a cold stream outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He’s been stabbed thirty-six times, once for every thousand dollars missing from a courthouse safe.

His car idles beside him at the side of the murmuring creek. He’s seventy miles from his office, at the far end of a midnight ride that carried him across four states.

In The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna, writer William Keisling reconstructs the last hours in the life of an American public servant. It’s a shocking, true-life, murder mystery whodunit that you’ll never forget.

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The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna, by William Keisling
515 pages; paperback; ISBN 1-882611-18-7



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