Transcripts from Luna's last case,
dictated hours before his murder,
show pattern of concealment to protect
FBI, Justice Department

In the last months, days and hours before he died, slain federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna found himself concealing dark secrets to protect himself, the U.S. Justice Department, and the FBI.

Click the links below to display actual pages from Luna's last case, the United States of America vs. Walter Oriley Poindexter and Deon Lionnel Smith (Docket # WDQ-03-0213).

These transcript pages document that Luna's FBI informant was caught with heroin on the day of the Dawson arson, October 16, 2002, and that Luna and the federal prosecutor's office kept this information from defense lawyers. Federal Judge William Quarles scheduled an investigation into the handling of Luna's FBI informant on the the last day of Luna's life.

In these transcripts, Judge Quarles and defense lawyers remain unaware of the significance of the date, "10-16-02." Judge Quarles, misled by Luna and the U.S. attorney's office, in fact lightly refers to the incident as the "Tony heroin seizure."

Transcript page 1: Smith-Poindexter December 2, 2003, p 223 (72k)

Transcript page 2: Smith-Poindexter December 2, 2003, p 225 (80k)

Transcript page 3: Smith-Poindexter Dec 3, 2003, p 16 (92k)


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